Safe (Panic) Rooms

Protect yourself against intrusion and attack with a Safe Room

Fortress Armour are able to survey, design and install safe rooms – also known as panic rooms – for ultimate peace of mind and safety.

We can adapt an existing room or start from scratch and create the ultimate safe space.

Design Properties

Our products for create safe rooms include;

Security doors in steel, aluminium or timber
– Ballistic, knife, spike and hypodermic needle wall and floor panels
– Flame retardant wall and floor coverings
– Uninterrupted battery backup power
– Two way intercom and CCTV

Safe Room Pricing

“What will it cost” is one of the most common questions we receive.

Pricing for a safe room is dependent on the design and requirements, however we appreciate having an approximate guide is helpful.

Our security doors range from £1,000 to £3,000 upwards depending on your requirements. Assuming this was the basic need of a client then safe rooms can be cheap.

However most clients prefer to having their safe rooms be resistant to attack through the walls and so we offer specialist panelling to suit. The approximate cost is £300 per square metre plus redecoration depending on your requirements.

Electronics, including but not limited to battery backup power, intercom and CCTV systems are dependent on the needs of the user and is strictly POA.

Safe Room Enquiry Form

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