Ballistic Resistant aka Bulletproof Glass

Fortress Armour are able to survey, supply and install ballistic resistant glass to protect against a variety of threats. Ballistic resistant glass, aka “bulletproof glass” (or bullet proof glass), is widely used throughout the UK to protect individuals and businesses from the threat of a deadly attack.

It is important to note nothing is bullet proof, eventually there will be a projectile of some sort able to penetrate a resistant material, however our glass has been tested against multiple attacks and has proven to stand up against various threats over a prolonged attack period, giving you precious time to call for help or move to a safer place.

Our standard ballistic glass has been designed to fit into an ordinary frame – just like double glazing – but offer far superior protection. It has been independently tested and certified as being ballistic resistant and can be made to any size with a frame that can be painted any RAL colour. In addition, Fortress Armour can survey, deliver and install our ballistic resistant glass to any location Worldwide.

Ballistic glass should stop multiple threats
Ballistic glass should stop multiple threats

Ballistic resistant glass was historically only purchased for high risk buildings such as Government offices and the homes of high ranking officials. However as time progressed bullet proof glass was installed in many businesses not only to mitigate against ballistic attacks but also against other weapons, such as knives, axes, sledgehammers and more.

Watch what happens when you don’t install security glass;

Why Choose Fortress Armour?

We offer a variety of solutions to suit your needs including options made from laminated glass, polycarbonate, acrylic or a blend. Generally a “bulletproof glass” option to stop NIJ IIIA threats (5 shots of a 9mm or .44 handgun round) would be 40mm laminated glass or 31mm polycarbonate. Please note this is ideal for businesses, counters, shops and such but not vehicles as a windscreen replacement.

We can survey, supply and install complete with testing certification or simply just supply for you to install. Prices start at £800 per square metre.

Our usual method of producing an order begins with an informal chat about your requirements. We can conduct technical surveys and installations if required or work to plans and supply fitting instructions to you.

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