Correct Body Armour Sizing & Fitting

This is only for models on our site that show a size option. All others are one size only.

A vest that does not fit properly will be uncomfortable and difficult to wear for extended periods. More importantly, it may also offer insufficient protection; armour that is too big or too small will have gaps in protection that can prove to be deadly. Many are not aware that a bullet or stab proof vest is meant to sit just above the belly button, protecting all the vital organs and providing a full range of movement. This is to ensure that those in Law Enforcement for example can still do their job to the best of their ability, while remaining confident in their protection.

Size Guide

Body armour should be treated like clothes, in that knowing your measurements will make choosing a vest that fits properly much easier. If in doubt, it is recommended that a vest is chosen in a larger size, as the Velcro straps in the vest make it much easier to adjust if it is too big rather than too small. Here are a list of measurements and corresponding available sizes:

Size chart

Female Size Guide

Female size chart

These sizes do not necessarily reflect sizes in other garments or from other companies. If in doubt, please include your measurements when ordering.